We are excited to announce that Studio R.E.D. is now affiliated with and exhibiting in the 311 Gallery.  311 Gallery is located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District, an area rated in the Top 10 Best Art Districts by USA Today.   Our second location, Studio R.E.D. Working Studio and Gallery is located in the historic Carter Building, in the center of the vibrant art, entertainment and dining scene of Glenwood South


In addition, Studio R.E.D. artist Eileen Hendren is now exhibiting at Nicole’s Studio and Art Gallery located in Raleigh’s North Person Street District, bordering historic Oakwood and bustling with new restaurants, bars, and upscale retail shops.  



RED Ladies

We are three artists brought together by a love of creativity, learning, and expressing ourselves through various media and artistic styles and techniques.

Our work ranges from classical still life to vibrant abstract works with stops all along the spectrum in between.

We love our work, love being at Studio R.E.D. and would love to have you stop by for a visit.

Come see us!


311 Gallery
311 West Martin Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 11:30 – 4:00
First Fridays 11:30 – 10:00
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20 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 26703
Open by appointment and by chance!
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If the flag is out we are there working!  Stop by!

Eileen Hendren Art
at Nicole’s Studio and Art Gallery
719 North Person Street
Raleigh, NC 27604
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Friday 1:30 – 5:00pm
First Fridays until 8:30pm
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Rhonda is an accomplished interior designer with a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Although Rhonda attended a fine arts program, she actually never picked up a palette and paintbrush until 2010 when she signed up for a painting class with her garden club. There she found the desire that sparked the embers of her passion to paint. Soon after, Rhonda began taking classes, attending workshops and painting on her own.

Rhonda loves to travel; her father was an Air Force fighter pilot so she and her family lived a nomadic life. Rhonda moved to the area from Richmond in 1986 and is happy to call Raleigh home. “I have enjoyed experiencing the growth and creative energy that has made Raleigh such a wonderful place to live.” She also finds the Raleigh metro area a great place to learn from quality instructors, both local and visiting artists from around the country.

Rhonda enjoys painting figures and works primarily in oils. Her use of figures is not always the primary focus but rather a part of a larger narrative. Her love of blending and the use of rich color can be witnessed in all of her work.

Rhonda’s journey continues as she faces new challenges and learning opportunities. “Producing art for me is as much about the continuing journey of trying new things and developing new skills as it is about producing a successful finished piece.”



Eileen is a graduate of Duke University with a business concentration and has a Masters of Architecture from NCSU.

Eileen loves working in oils. She is passionate about the history of oil painting, the way it fills your senses, “the way it smells, the feel and the ingredients.” What inspires Eileen is the incredible richness of art history worldwide, its evolution over time, and the passion and sense of self that artists invest in their work. She’s also inspired by the knowledge that she will never reach the end of her artistic journey.

Eileen loves to travel and has painted scenes from all over the world, or as she puts it, “all places and anywhere stories happen.” She is thrilled to be a part of the Raleigh art community, its energy and the sense that something special is emerging and growing.



Debbie is a founding member of Studio R.E.D. Her background in interior design gives Debbie’s art a strong sense of composition and color. Debbie sees art everywhere she goes. She loves to travel and feels energized to create in everything she encounters, from ceilings in industrial buildings to manufacturing spaces to parks and cities.

Debbie has fallen in love with varied mediums of artistic expression. She loves working in acrylics. The fast drying time of the medium allows Debbie to experiment with layers and textures using various gel mediums in her work. She continues these experiments in her encaustic work which allows her to take advantage of the wax’s transparency to create rich, layered pieces. In her studio, she also works in watercolor, alcohol ink, charcoal and colored pencil.

Debbie’s work ranges from intimate portraits of the scenes she encounters to large abstract paintings. Her abstract painting practice allows her to experiment with materials to build texture and explore new colors, enriching her work.

Debbie received her B.A. in Interior Design from UNC-G. She is a board member for the Visual Art Exchange, a member of the Arts Advisory Committee for the NC Heart and Vascular Hospital at Rex and a member of the Raleigh Fine Arts Society. She has begun selling and showing her art in many venues, and welcomes any opportunity to share her creations with the public. If you would like to display Debbie’s art work, you had better give her some space. She is starting to stretch her creative wings!


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